I posted about the latest axe here, a 2006 Indonesian Squier Affinity Strat I bought for the princely sum of £50.

The challenge is to put some rather nice upgrades into this but ideally keep this under the price of a new Affinity Strat – which according to Andertons right now is £179.99.


That gives us £129.99 to play with.

Because these are thinner bodied strats, we’re going to leave the bridge alone for now – and concentrate on other areas.

First area, the electrics (all parts via Amazon, Pickup via Axemail):

22 Guage Cloth Covered Wire (2ft)£5.14
Graph Tech Tusq XL PT-5042£10.99
CTS 250k Log Pot (Volume)£6.29
CTS 250k Linear Pot (Tone) (x2)£12.58
TaleeMail Strap Locks£6.99
25mm Copper Shielding Tape x4m£6.21
Sprauge 0.22uF Capacitor £2.71
IronGear Texas Loco Neck Pickup£27.20

Add this up and our Affinity has cost us £128.11, which gives us room for Tuners later on, but what are getting for our money ?

  • Replacement Cap, Pots and Wiring equivalent to American Pro level
  • A new NUT, always one of the fun parts of cheaper guitars
  • Shielded Cavities to reduce hum
  • A Spanking new overwound pickup for the Neck, which if you read any reviews the IronGear feedback is always really good.

More to follow when I start putting this together 🙂


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